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Update & Farewell Post

It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Northern Utah.🌞Marcus is just starting an all day hunter safety course. David is on his way home from a business trip in Tucson, only to have to fly to Lima (Peru) on Monday and then Canada the following week. As you can see, his work is keeping him away from home these days and that is not easy on us, but we do what we have to do, don't we? I'm so thankful to have Zach and Darcie living at home at this time. Marissa is preparing to return to BYU-Idaho in two weeks for fall semester. She and I have been busy preparing for that. We've grocery shopped for her non-perishable food items and I've typed up several recipes for her. She was very good her first year to prepare most of her meals at home, saving us money.

Marcus' online classes do not start up until the 31st, but his first year of Seminary began this past Tuesday. So far he is really enjoying his Seminary class. It's a bit of a sacrifice for us since, being h…