Highlights From This Past Homeschool Year

The boys and I visited Lexington and Concord as part of a fabulous history trip.
We wrapped up Marcus' 8th grade year in May. Since he is my baby this is the last time I will teach 8th grade. It's bittersweet for me. I loved this past homeschool year! I know most of my friends and family don't understand this, but homeschooling has blessed my life in so many ways as a mother. It has given me precious time with my children that I wouldn't have otherwise. Have you ever thought about how much time is stolen away by 6 hours of school, 5 days a week, for approx. 180 days a year, for 13 years of childhood? No, this mama needs unhurried time with her baby before he grows up and leaves the nest, in only 4 short years, and my son deserves more of a childhood than society would have me give him. I remember how overwhelmed and insignificant I often felt in school. I'm so thankful there are choices today, to give our children a different kind of education, one which sparks childhood spontaneity and engages the child's mind and heart. One which truly embraces and nurtures family relationships. Hooray for homeschooling!

This timeline was so much fun to create!

Marcus took 3 online classes through Liahona Academy this homeschool year- earth science, a combined math class (Geometry and Algebra 2), and history (American government and civics). These classes were Monday-Thursday. At the end of the school year, Zachary, Marcus and I joined several other Liahona families on an amazing history trip to New York City, Boston and Philadelphia. I have photos from our trip on my other blog. We saw a lot of historic sites, including the 9/11 Memorial, Ellis Island, Independence Hall, Minute Man Park, and The Freedom Trail.

Our read-alouds are always a favorite part of our homeschool. This year Marcus and I read Peter Pan, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, and The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma.

And then there was our early state history unit which included the timeline pictured above. I wrote about that also on my other blog, and if you homeschool, I have a freebie on there to help you create your own early state history unit. This was my favorite unit study that we've done. It was so much fun!

Now we are in planning mode for next year. Highschool! I have mixed feelings about that, but one thing I know for sure, I'm so thankful we homeschool because I know teens need their parents more than ever (even if they don't always act like it).


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