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Highlights From This Past Homeschool Year

We wrapped up Marcus' 8th grade year in May. Since he is my baby this is the last time I will teach 8th grade. It's bittersweet for me. I loved this past homeschool year! I know most of my friends and family don't understand this, but homeschooling has blessed my life in so many ways as a mother. It has given me precious time with my children that I wouldn't have otherwise. Have you ever thought about how much time is stolen away by 6 hours of school, 5 days a week, for approx. 180 days a year, for 13 years of childhood? No, this mama needs unhurried time with her baby before he grows up and leaves the nest, in only 4 short years, and my son deserves more of a childhood than society would have me give him. I remember how overwhelmed and insignificant I often felt in school. I'm so thankful there are choices today, to give our children a different kind of education, one which sparks childhood spontaneity and engages the child's mind and heart. One which truly e…