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What's Shakin' Bacon?

Why is your fireplace on in the middle of May? Yesterday we had an unexpected snow storm and the temps have been miserable ever since. 😕

What movie are you watching at this moment? The Pajama Game, starring Doris Day. 😊

Who is watching the movie with you? Darcie Doll

What was the highlight of your day? Going out for lunch with my 4 kiddos. We wanted to support the youth council's hamburger stand. It's Black and White Days this week (which could explain the weather! 😉).

What is Black and White Days? It's an annual community event, which started as a Holstein show back in 1912. There's Little Miss pageant winners, a parade, a horse pull, a cow-a-bunga race, cattle show, etc. all week long.

Sounds fun! What else is happening at the moment? Let's see- David's in Toronto and will be back tomorrow night. He's traveling for work a lot these days. The kids and I have been busy decluttering our house. It feels so good to simplify our lives.

How's homeschooling goin…