Welcome 2017!

I want to invite anyone who stumbles upon this to visit me at my new blog, Camie's Cozy Corner. I'd be honored if you followed me there.

This is one of my favorite gifts from this Christmas. This lovely quilt was made by my talented sister-in-law who wanted to do something special for us after our two families spent a magical vacation in Disney World together this past May. We will cherish this quilt for many years to come.

Another favorite gift is this beautiful rendering of the Logan temple at night. The lovely couple who had been living in our basement until just recently gave us this for Christmas and it means so much to me. There is a story behind this print. It's the print of an original painting made by an artist the wife knew personally from her childhood. The artist has since passed away from cancer. 

In case you hadn't heard, we have moved home! We hope to be here for the next year at least. This move has put so much joy in my heart. I finally feel like this is home. I guess owning a house for four years will do that! This past Christmas was perfect! I spent it with my favorite people in the whole world, my husband and my children. They are the most important relationships in my life, next to my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ. ❤ They are all I need, but I'm blessed to have many loyal friends as well. We have a ton of beautiful snow here right now. I'm loving this winter! I hope all is great at your home. Have a fantastic 2017! 


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