Summer's End (and an update)

As summer comes to an end, I'm reflecting on my hopes, dreams, and goals for the near future...

The dome and Angel Moroni of the Tucson temple, under construction.
* I'm looking forward to returning to Tucson where Marcus and I will begin a fabulous new homeschool year together and David will come home to us every evening after work.

* I am super excited for the state history unit study Marcus and I will be doing this year. I've designed a star spangled border for our time line (pictures coming in a later post). We are going to start with the thirteen colonies and then study each state's early history by its date of statehood. It's going to be So. Much. Fun!

* I am going to relish every text and phone conversation with my three college kids. I am so proud of each of them. I especially can't wait to hear from my Marissa girl. She is going to rock college life!

* I am going to become a morning person! My plan is to be in bed by 9:30 each night and be up around 7am. After my own morning routine, Marcus and I will have a special way of easing into our school day. We sometimes did this last year with Marissa. We call it our "Morning Roundup". (I'll write a post about it sometime.)

* Just today I ordered two DVD courses through The Great Courses. I think Marcus and I will study these together, but they are really for me. The first is called, Fundamentals of Photography, and the second is, Museum Masterpieces: The Louvre. Learning is So. Much. Fun!

* I will continue my in-depth study of The Old Testament. I am finishing up the Book of Psalms now. (Marcus and I will also be studying selected Psalms as part of our poetry unit.) My favorite part of my scripture study has been keeping a scripture journal.

* I will continue to write in my freestyle journal which is one way I heal from my childhood past and make peace with my enduring-trials.

* I plan to include Marcus in meal planning and dinner preparation, giving him cooking instruction and hopefully enticing him to try more foods! I can't force him, but hopefully, by being more involved in the cooking/baking process, he will be more open to the experience of new tastes.

* My birthday is on a Friday this year. I hope to spend that weekend doing something extra fun with David and Marcus. Perhaps we will revisit the Desert Museum so I can practice my photography skills.

* I get to plan my 25th wedding anniversary! It's next March. I am thinking of a trip within the U.S. to somewhere I've never been before. Perhaps to a historical site. And I know this is uncustomary, but I think Marcus will have to join us! Maybe we can make it part of our state history studies!

* I will be flying back to Utah early in November for my niece's baptism. That will be special.

* We will probably fly home for Thanksgiving weekend and for Christmas so that our family can spend those holidays together.

* Marcus and I have decided that our family home evenings will be spent indexing and searching for names to add to our family tree! There is also a family history class during Sunday School that I want to attend every other week for some guidance. (The other weeks will be spent in the Gospel Principles class since I am a ward missionary.)

*And finally, (for now anyway) I am going to get back into yoga. I love yoga! I will make the living room space work for me in our apartment. Namaste!

What are your hopes, dreams and goals for the near future? If you read this, thanks so much for visiting my blog! 

As an update, Darcie sprained both of her ankles over a week ago! Tomorrow she sees a podiatrist and will probably have an MRI to further assess her torn ligaments in her left ankle. She has been wearing a clunky boot and using Zach's crutches. Today was her first day of classes and I think it wore her out! I am her chauffeur this week and she plans to return to work on Wednesday. Please keep her in your prayers. Also, Zach is doing well, but your continued prayers for him would be appreciated. Marissa is excited for college life, but her PC decided to get a virus which stops Windows from loading. It's being repaired now. Marcus starts his online classes tomorrow (Tuesday). He is excited to be back in "D.E. Land" (Distance Education). David will be home this Friday! Marissa will be receiving her Patriarchal Blessing this Sunday. That is always a special experience for David and I as we witness each of our children's blessings.

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