A Sweet Summer

We are having such a sweet summer! Last week, we had the privilege of hosting three of my favorite nieces in our home. Here are some of the highlights:

It's the little moments of life that mean the most...

A summer walk in the country.

Trying something new with the help of a cousin. :)

Visiting a petting zoo with a friend.

An outing with friends (cousins make the best kind of friends!)

Family picnics. 

Crafting together.

Creating something completely adorable. (Way to craft, Drista!)

And then, on Saturday, we enjoyed a rodeo together.

Look at those happy faces!

This was my brother's first time at a rodeo!

We spent the weekend in Salt Lake City, celebrating the Days of 47. 

On Sunday we spent the evening visiting Mill Creek Canyon.

Being out in nature makes us happy!

It's so nice to have David home with us!

On Monday morning, we watched the Days of 47 parade.

This was our second year watching this parade.

Such beautiful sisters!

I am so thankful for MY family. My amazing husband. My awesome kids. My baby brother, his lovely wife and their adorable children who make time to spend with us. This is what makes for a sweet summer. I am so blessed! This fall I will have three adult kids in college (two who are homeschool graduates). I will be in my eighth homeschool year with my youngest and I get five more precious years with him at home. I love my life! 

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