5 Things We Want Our Non-Homeschooling Family and Friends to Know

Homeschooling gives my kids more time for art and other passions. 

You know, sometimes it's not easy to be the only homeschoolers in our circle of extended family and close-family-friends. Because we love you and appreciate being a part of your lives, we want you to know some things about our choice to homeschool:

  1. We are not homeschooling to stand out or to make you feel uncomfortable. Honest! We are simply following our hearts and doing what we believe to be best for our family. We're not trying to get special attention and if we've ever come across as bragging, please pardon us. Sometimes we get carried away about homeschooling in conversations because we are so passionate about it. 
  2. We believe that homeschooling is a superior education choice for our children. We're not saying we know what is best for your children, because of course we don't! They are your children. Please remember, we were in the public school system for many years before we discovered homeschooling. So, if we make comparisons about both ways, they are ours to make based on our personal experiences. And we had A LOT of negative/bad experiences with public schools, so we can't help feeling the way we do about the system, especially when we only see it getting worse.
  3. When we have shared news stories about public education with you, we were only trying to spread awareness of the issues which affect all of us. Please don't take it that we were rubbing our choice to homeschool in your face! Like it or not, our system of public education is deeply flawed and broken. However, we know too many email forwards are annoying and that is the last thing we want to do (annoy you) so we are going to stop. You're welcome. :)
  4. When you share homeschool failure stories with us, we're not sure what point you're trying to make. Why are you telling us these stories? Is it to get back at us for sharing public education stories? (Fair enough. Just remember that there are public schooling parents who are lazy, too. There are public schooled kids who are weird, too!) Is it because you truly cannot see anything good or worthwhile about homeschooling? Do you think we are doing a great disservice to our kids by homeschooling them? Whatever your reasons for sharing these unfortunate stories with us, we wish that you could see all the time, effort and heart that we put into our homeschooling.
  5. We consider our homeschooling to be a success, but it's okay if you don't see it that way. After all, as much as we love you, we are not homeschooling to please you! We are proud of our two homeschool graduates.They were accepted into the universities of their choice the same way their public schooled peers were: by fulfilling the requirements and submitting their transcripts and ACT scores. They are now pursuing higher educations, holding jobs, participating in society and taking care of themselves. To us, that is parenting success.
The bottom line is that we love you and homeschooling doesn't have to come between us. We would really like to feel more accepted and understood.We would appreciate more support, because no matter what you think about homeschooling (from other examples you have seen), our homeschooling is a lot of work. It's time-consuming. It's a big responsibility. It's imperfect. Sometimes it feels uncertain and even scary. But it is also immensely satisfying, enjoyable and rewarding, which is why we keep at it.

If you'd like to know more about why we homeschool, please read Our Homeschool ABC's.

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