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A Sweet Summer

We are having such a sweet summer! Last week, we had the privilege of hosting three of my favorite nieces in our home. Here are some of the highlights:

It's the little moments of life that mean the most...

A summer walk in the country.

Trying something new with the help of a cousin. :)

Visiting a petting zoo with a friend.

An outing with friends (cousins make the best kind of friends!)

Family picnics. 

Crafting together.

Creating something completely adorable. (Way to craft, Drista!)

And then, on Saturday, we enjoyed a rodeo together.

Look at those happy faces!

This was my brother's first time at a rodeo!

We spent the weekend in Salt Lake City, celebrating the Days of 47. 

On Sunday we spent the evening visiting Mill Creek Canyon.

Being out in nature makes us happy!

It's so nice to have David home with us!

5 Things We Want Our Non-Homeschooling Family and Friends to Know

You know, sometimes it's not easy to be the only homeschoolers in our circle of extended family and close-family-friends. Because we love you and appreciate being a part of your lives, we want you to know some things about our choice to homeschool:

We are not homeschooling to stand out or to make you feel uncomfortable. Honest! We are simply following our hearts and doing what we believe to be best for our family. We're not trying to get special attention and if we've ever come across as bragging, please pardon us. Sometimes we get carried away about homeschooling in conversations because we are so passionate about it. We believe that homeschooling is a superior education choice for our children. We're not saying we know what is best for your children, because of course we don't! They are your children. Please remember, we were in the public school system for many years before we discovered homeschooling. So, if we make comparisons about both ways, they are ours to…