Thoughtful Tuesday

The Sonoran Desert (in Sabino Canyon) where we live.
Ah, summertime! I know it's here because it's EXTREMELY HOT in Tucson. I'm talking, way past the 90's and more like 109 most days. Sigh. It's way too hot to get outside for more than a few minutes at a time during the day, (such as climbing in and out of the car on the way to the grocery store and back), so that means we are spending a lot of time inside where it's air conditioned. Kind of sad since we love being outdoors so much, but who wants to melt in this kind of heat? Lucky for us, we will be spending July and August in Utah (at least, Marissa, Marcus and I will. Poor David has to suffer it out here).

Hiking in Sabino Canyon.
Two weekends ago, we braved the heat and spent half the day touring Sabino Canyon for the first time. That was fun, although, blazing HOT! Have I mentioned how hot it is here?

A watering hole in Sabino Canyon.

So, for the next couple of weeks, before we take our road trip back to Utah, to move Marissa back home (in preparation for her move to Rexburg, Idaho in early September so she can be a BYU-I student), we'll be more indoors than out. It's a good thing we have plenty of activities to keep us busy, such as packing for our road trip (Marissa especially, but we also bring back books and movies, etc. to trade out!) and creating some art and crafts which I'll be sure to feature here in future posts. 

A baby bird who must've just taken its first flight (or glided fall),
perched on our sidewalk outside our apartment.
We hope Mother Bird is nearby protecting and training her young one.

As for homeschooling, in case anyone is wondering (though no one reads this blog!), we do take summers off, mostly because we're always to and fro every summer, and we use summertime for projects, such as decluttering and organizing rooms. However, this month, Marcus is finishing up his Algebra 1 workbook so that he will be ready to take on Algebra 2 this fall. I am so proud of my son. This past Happy Heart's year, he did a quick review, followed by pre-Algebra, Geometry, and soon will have Algebra 1 under his belt, all in one school year! Isn't that amazing? I even had him evaluated by a math teacher and he was so impressed by Marcus' math progress which he said was definitely much farther than his traditionally schooled peers. So, hooray for homeschooling which allows kids to learn at their own pace so they can excel in the areas that are their strengths or master the areas that are their weaknesses. Hooray for customization over one-size-fits-all (which it never will). Homeschooling gives us the freedom to choose our own curriculum and this math curriculum that we have been utilizing is simply the best we've ever come across. We love it because it really WORKS! Even I understand math with this curriculum and math was always a subject I struggled with in school.

Some desert blooms in the Sabino Canyon.
If you'd like to see a re-cap of our homeschool year, please visit this post on my Happy Heart's Homeschool blog. If you happen to know someone who is considering homeschooling their kids this upcoming year, please send them my way! I'd love to offer them encouragement and helpful tips from seven years of experience. Homeschooling ROCKS! I wish more moms would consider homeschooling as it is so beneficial for families in today's world. I really wish traditional parents would consider why our public school system is the way it is. Who decided it was best to teach our children by age groups? Who decided it was best to teach them in stuffy classrooms with boring textbooks and lectures for six hours every day? Who decided every child has to learn the exact same things at the exact same time? Homeschooling parents question these things and they put other methods to the test, and do you know what most of us are finding out? Learning come naturally and is actually enjoyable when children are in a natural environment (at home and outside in the real world). So, dare to be different! We are and we love it! To learn more about homeschooling, please visit my homeschool posts under the homeschool labels or visit my other blog. Until next post...

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