Thoughtful Tuesday

Our Happy Heart's scripture verse for this week.
It's very fitting with Brother DeGraff's history lessons.

I'm in the middle of 2 Chronicles in my personal scripture study. I've been reading the Old Testament from cover to cover, studying parts of it in depth. My thoughts at this time is that wicked kings lead their people to forget their God and commit sin, where righteous kings help their people remember and serve their God. Our leaders make a difference so we should wisely select righteous, godly men and women to represent us. When we don't, they are selfish and allow laws to be made which are at odds with our constitution and take away our precious freedoms, putting our liberty at stake. And we just let it happen because we won't stand up together for what is right. As our nation continues to move further away from our God and the values which made up the foundation of this choice land, we risk losing our freedoms altogether and being swept off.

Aren't these blossoms lovely? On Sunday afternoon, Marissa and I went for a walk and I took some great pictures of some of the blooms here in Oro Valley. This was one of my favorites. If you'd like to see more, hop over to my homeschool blog. I definitely get more traffic to that blog than to this one. This one seems pretty invisible to the world and I started it first, hoping friends and family would visit often to stay caught up on our lives. Oh well. I still like this blog even if it's more for me than anyone else. 

As for us, this is the last week of online classes for Marissa and Marcus, and Marissa's last week of high school, except for finishing up Seminary, but she will be done with that next week I expect. We are counting down the days until our family vacation to Disney World which starts on May 14th. :) We're so looking forward to spending that time with my brother and his family. We love them so much! Zach has finally started his first medication for his MS and has been experiencing the side effects so your prayers would be appreciated. And Darcie is in her week of finals for this semester at USU and then she has the summer off. She has a job interview this afternoon so keep your fingers crossed. She needs a job! And that's what's going on with the Madsen family. Until my next post...

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