Thoughtful Tuesday

We were so busy enjoying our day yesterday that I didn't get a Blissful Monday post out. So, I thought I'd start Thoughtful Tuesday posts! I try to post something here every week just in case any of our friends or family pop in to see how we're doing. If you stop by, please leave us a comment to let us know you were here. It means so much to us!

These lovely pom pom blossoms are called Sweet Acacia. They are native to the Sonoran Deseret where we live. I have to say, although Arizona has been my least favorite place to live because I'm just not fond of desert landscape and cactus in my yard, and it can be sooo hot here sometimes that all we can do is stay inside where it's air conditioned, and the mountains are just not Utah mountains... there is a different kind of beauty here in nature and I fell in love with these pom pom blossoms the moment I saw them. :)

So, yesterday ended up being a full afternoon when first, we re-visited the Tohono Chul Park, and second, visited new friends! First, at Tohono we watched these amazing Desert Spiny lizards who were happily sunbathing on the rocks.

Can you see his turquoise band on his underside? This is a male.

We also saw some lovely little hummingbirds and one even posed for us! We think this one is a Costa's hummingbird. They are a common hummingbird here in the Sonoran Desert.

We even saw two hummingbirds swirl close together midair! They were probably courting!

Homeschool rocks! It gives us time to stop and smell the... hmmm, what are these fragrant flowers? I'll have to look them up!

After our visit to Tohono, we visited a family in our ward. They have 9 kids and they homeschool. We are finally making some homeschool friends! Another homeschooling mom in our ward stopped by as well. I think we are the only 3 homeschoolers in our ward, but still... it's nice to have a few of us. They are in a co-op that Marcus and I might join this summer. Yay! 

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