Liahona, Prom and the Ballet

On Wednesday, Marissa, Marcus and I drove to Pleasant Grove where we stayed for two nights so that the kids could attend their Liahona classes in person on Thursday and so Marissa could attend her senior prom Thursday night. It's always a treat for them to visit their school, even though they love being distance-education students. Homeschooling rocks!

Marissa's up-do for prom.

We did a little photo shoot in the hotel lobby.

Sister and big brother.

Outside the building where prom was held.

On Friday afternoon, we visited my sister-in-law and her kids before heading back home. We gave my niece an early birthday present since we're only in Utah one more week. Isn't this a fun gift? It's a basket full of craft supplies from Michael's. Things such as keys, buttons, ribbon, pearls, washi tape, flower stickers, etc.

On Saturday, the girls and I (and one of Darcie's friends) enjoyed a Ballet West presentation of Beauty and the Beast.

I have such beautiful daughters! I love spending time with them. And I enjoyed spending the past couple days with Zach (mostly eating out with him and having him drive us around), and of course, with Marcus. I am so blessed to have these four amazing people in my life and to be a part of their lives as their mom. It's a gift, to be a mother here on earth. :)

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