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Blissful Monday

These scripture verses are related to two General Conference talks: My Soul Delighteth in the Scriptures and Choices. For f.h.e. (family home evening) this week, the kids and I (David is away on a business trip) will be listening to both talks and marking these verses in our scriptures.

We are down to our last two weeks of Liahona classes and the last two weeks of Marissa's senior year. Marcus' 7th grade year will officially end when he and I have reached the end of his current math lessons and read-alouds, so his year will extend into May and possibly June. Currently, he is learning both Algebra 1 and Geometry. I think we will enroll him in Liahona's Algebra 2 class for this fall and go from there. I'm glad I've taught him math thus far as it has strengthened my own math skills immensely. One of the blessings for homeschooling moms is learning and re-learning along side their children. :)

And, currently Marcus and I are reading the following books together: The M…

Thoughtful Tuesday

We were so busy enjoying our day yesterday that I didn't get a Blissful Monday post out. So, I thought I'd start Thoughtful Tuesday posts! I try to post something here every week just in case any of our friends or family pop in to see how we're doing. If you stop by, please leave us a comment to let us know you were here. It means so much to us!

These lovely pom pom blossoms are called Sweet Acacia. They are native to the Sonoran Deseret where we live. I have to say, although Arizona has been my least favorite place to live because I'm just not fond of desert landscape and cactus in my yard, and it can be sooo hot here sometimes that all we can do is stay inside where it's air conditioned, and the mountains are just not Utah mountains... there is a different kind of beauty here in nature and I fell in love with these pom pom blossoms the moment I saw them. :)

So, yesterday ended up being a full afternoon when first, we re-visited the Tohono Chul Park, and second, v…

Blissful Monday

We are back in Tucson after five weeks in Utah. It's a glorious 73° here. The kids and I went for a morning walk and saw some pretty flowers and blossoms on trees which made me think of spring. Other than that, the desert here looks exactly the same. (Yes, I know there are no flowers nor blossoms in the above pic!)

There are only four weeks left of Marcus and Marissa's online classes and then Marissa will officially be graduated from high school. For our Happy Heart's scripture verses this month, we are selecting verses from this past General Conference. I'm including last week's and this week's since I didn't post a Blissful Monday post last week.

For family home evening this week, we will be re-watching/listening/reading a talk from General Conference. I think it will be the talk which the Hebrews verse came from, which was by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, entitled, Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders among You.
I only have tonight's dinner planned so far. We&…

Liahona, Prom and the Ballet

On Wednesday, Marissa, Marcus and I drove to Pleasant Grove where we stayed for two nights so that the kids could attend their Liahona classes in person on Thursday and so Marissa could attend her senior prom Thursday night. It's always a treat for them to visit their school, even though they love being distance-education students. Homeschooling rocks!

Marissa's up-do for prom.

We did a little photo shoot in the hotel lobby.

Sister and big brother.

Outside the building where prom was held.

On Friday afternoon, we visited my sister-in-law and her kids before heading back home. We gave my niece an early birthday present since we're only in Utah one more week. Isn't this a fun gift? It's a basket full of craft supplies from Michael's. Things such as keys, buttons, ribbon, pearls, washi tape, flower stickers, etc.

On Saturday, the girls and I (and one of Darcie's friends) enjoyed a Ballet West presentation of Beauty and the Beast.

I have such beautiful daughter…