Snow, Easter Weekend, and Crafts!

Northern Utah is still in winter! Snow all day yesterday, today a mixture of snow and rain, more snow forecast for Wednesday.

I took these pictures with my camera phone as Zach is borrowing my actual camera while I'm here in Utah. He's a natural photographer and I think it's helping him to have something fun to do to take his mind off his current health issues. You're welcome to visit his blog, Yo-Yoing With Zed and read his thoughts about his recent diagnosis. I admire his spiritual strength. I also want to give a shout-out to my cousin, Heather, who accompanied Zach on his first visit with his neurologist. I know that meant a  lot to Zach, and it meant a lot to David and I since we couldn't be there with him for that first visit.

I'm backing up to Easter weekend for a minute. Zach surprised us and drove home earlier than expected (Friday instead of Saturday). To celebrate, we ate out at Wild Wings (the boys favorite!).

Then on Saturday evening, we spent time with some of the Madsen family, celebrating my niece's beautiful daughter's first birthday and then the revealing of my other niece's mission call to Panama City, Panama. Way to go, Heidi! You're going to be the sweetest missionary ever. 

On Easter we missed having David home with us, but enjoyed being together as a family otherwise. We attended Sacrament meeting together and then came home so we could have our Easter dinner early enough for Zach to get back to Provo sooner than later.

On Monday, my brother, Clint and his family came over to spend the day with us. It was so much fun! We (the adults and Marcus) played this great game called, Carcassonne while the girls crafted downstairs.

They each designed a fairy garden (or beach).

So cute!

Marissa is still finishing hers so I'll showcase hers in another post.

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