Online Easter Resource List

Inspirational music to enjoy-

Watch and sing along to Handle's Messiah, performed and streamed live by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir tomorrow (Friday, March 25th) at 7:30pm MDT. Learn more here and watch it here.

Focus on our Savior this Easter-

Learn about Easter week, day by day, here.

Watch a beautifully illustrated video here.

Here are 7 ideas for making Easter more meaningful with your children. For our Family Home Evening last Sunday, we borrowed a couple of these ideas.

Easter and Spring Craft Ideas-

On my homeschool blog, I share an easy spring paper craft for children.

Here is a blogger who suggests painting potatoes instead of eggs!

Here is an idea on how to make a Peeps Easter tree!

Here is an easy Easter wreath idea.

I'll be sharing more Spring crafts next week. Happy Easter everyone!

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