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Snow, Easter Weekend, and Crafts!

Northern Utah is still in winter! Snow all day yesterday, today a mixture of snow and rain, more snow forecast for Wednesday.

I took these pictures with my camera phone as Zach is borrowing my actual camera while I'm here in Utah. He's a natural photographer and I think it's helping him to have something fun to do to take his mind off his current health issues. You're welcome to visit his blog, Yo-Yoing With Zed and read his thoughts about his recent diagnosis. I admire his spiritual strength. I also want to give a shout-out to my cousin, Heather, who accompanied Zach on his first visit with his neurologist. I know that meant a  lot to Zach, and it meant a lot to David and I since we couldn't be there with him for that first visit.

I'm backing up to Easter weekend for a minute. Zach surprised us and drove home earlier than expected (Friday instead of Saturday). To celebrate, we ate out at Wild Wings (the boys favorite!).

Then on Saturday evening, we spent time …

Online Easter Resource List

Inspirational music to enjoy-

Watch and sing along to Handle's Messiah, performed and streamed live by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir tomorrow (Friday, March 25th) at 7:30pm MDT. Learn more here and watch it here.

Focus on our Savior this Easter-

Learn about Easter week, day by day, here.

Watch a beautifully illustrated video here.

Here are 7 ideas for making Easter more meaningful with your children. For our Family Home Evening last Sunday, we borrowed a couple of these ideas.

Easter and Spring Craft Ideas-

On my homeschool blog, I share an easy spring paper craft for children.

Here is a blogger who suggests painting potatoes instead of eggs!

Here is an idea on how to make a Peeps Easter tree!

Here is an easy Easter wreath idea.

I'll be sharing more Spring crafts next week. Happy Easter everyone!

80th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, the Madsen family, along with over sixty guests (relatives, friends and neighbors) gathered together to honor and celebrate LaWona's 80th Birthday at a surprise three-hour open house at The Dance Hall in Fairview, Utah. Here are the highlights-

Is it a suitcase or a cake? My talented cousin, Heather, designed this amazing cake.

The party theme centered around LaWona's travels around the world.

There were scattered postcards on each table, globes, maps, suitcases and nautical colors.

Camie, Darcie and Marissa (during set up)

Left to right- David, Danny, LaWona, Bruce and Jeff (mother and sons)

My niece, Emilie, put together a fun slide show.

LaWona and a group of her friends stopped chatting to watch the slide show.

Cousins having fun together.

Marcus watching Grandma slice into her cake.

3 beautiful cousins and their lovely aunt.

Writing favorite memories down.

Opening a present.

A proud daddy.

A grandma having fun with her grandson.

Playing a game of zombie's…