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Our Constitution & Our Government

The following is wise and prophetic counsel to heed, especially in this presidential election year

"The first basic principle is agency. The central issue in that premortal council was: Shall the children of God have untrammeled agency to choose the course they should follow, whether good or evil, or shall they be coerced and forced to be obedient? Christ and all who followed him stood for the former proposition- freedom of choice; Satan stood for the latter- coercion and force.The war that began in heaven over this issue is not yet over. The conflict continues on the battlefield of mortality. And one of Lucifer's primary strategies has been to restrict our agency through the power of earthly governments... The second basic principle concerns the function and proper role of government... I believe that governments were instituted by God for the benefit of man... I believe that no government can exist in peace, except such laws are framed and held inviolate as will secure t…

Blissful Monday

Our Happy Heart's scripture verse for this week.
I have some fantastic news! Marissa has been accepted into BYU-Idaho! She is thrilled. Her plan is to start at BYU-Idaho and get her generals out of the way and then transfer to BYU-Hawaii to pursue a degree in marine biology. (At least that is her plan for now).

This was recent science experiment Marcus did, which you can read about here.

And here is how Marcus' radish plants are doing. As you can see, the ones in the magnetic field have grown faster and bigger! As for the marigolds, we had to replant the control one twice and the magnetic one three times! Maybe the magnetic field is too much for it? Or maybe we are just bad at growing marigolds!

The Tohono Chul Park

Yesterday the kids and I discovered a "new" (new to us) park just ten minutes from our apartment here in Oro Valley (and very close to our chapel), called The Tohono Chul Park. We ended up buying a family membership so that we can enjoy it often. It makes for a great field trip.

There were these amazing sculptures throughout the park!

This horse was our favorite.

There was a cactus wall around the horse.

A Yamaha vulture!

There was a garden for children with a fun fountain.

So, if you ever come visit us, this is one place we'll show you. :)

Art Time

One of the great things about homeschooling is that the kids have a lot more time for arts and crafts.

Lately, Marcus has been having fun with chalk pastels.

These were my favorites! He made them as Valentine cards for two of his friends, Zach and Darcie.
There is a fantastic site called Hodgepodge that features free chalk pastel art tutorials. You should check it out! All you need for chalk pastel art is paper and a starter box of chalk pastels which you can purchase at a hobby store like Michael's. (We bought ours at Target in the dollar bins. I think it was $5 and came with 48 pastels.)

Plant Growth With Magnets (Experiment)

Hi, this is Marcus. After buying all the materials needed for this experiment, with the help of my mom, I put these together! I am going to keep a log of when I water them, when they sprout, and so forth. We bought a spray bottle to water them better too! My experiment is testing this question: "How does a magnetic field effect plant growth?".We used Marigolds and Radishes for this experiment! I am using the strongest non-powered magnets on earth: Rare Earth magnets (A.K.A. Neodymium magnets). Putting 2 quarter-size Rare Earth magnets in the soil and 2 on screws in the soil (to raise them a bit higher) creates the needed magnetic field!

If you want to do this experiment yourself then the supplies you will need are as follows;
-4 multicolored pots (must be multicolored; not really; only need 2 per plant type) -2 types of fast growing plants (don't need to have 2 types of plants) -Labels for each pot (highly recommended)  -Neodymium magnets (or strong magnets) -Long screws (no…

Blissful Monday

Our Happy Heart's scripture verse for this week.
On Saturday, we shopped at Home Depot where Marcus chose two kinds of seeds for a plant experiment. More on this to come in a separate post.

In the garden center, there were turtles!

So that was fun.

Shopping for a science experiment.
I haven't figured out the menu for this week, but yesterday I made Parmesan-ranch chicken tenders with cheesy potatoes. That was yummy. Tonight we are making skillet cookies as our family night activity. 
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