Blissful Monday

Happy Heart's scripture verse for the week.

Last week we started our homeschooling back up after the holiday week, but we are still getting up to speed due to colds and a mom with a tooth needing a root canal. Thankfully, I'm having that taken care of this morning. I've been on penicillin and ibuprofen all weekend. Fun, fun! But last week was a good start for Happy Hearts. We watched all of the Liahona classes, most live and Marcus did a math review plus a new math lesson. We've also continued reading together (the 3 of us) in our book, Nightmares!, by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller. We are really enjoying this story and since it's the first in a trilogy, we just might have to buy the second book which we've seen at Barnes and Noble.

At the start of this new year, I thought that Marcus needs a word to help him do his best in his studies. His word is, FOCUS. He is working on staying focused all the way through his online classes and during our math lesson. To help him with this, I take away as many distractions as possible, especially electronics. But I'm really proud of the quality notes he is taking for history and science. He is also doing extremely well in math. We are almost done with pre-algebra and ready to start geometry. I can't wait to get into those lessons with him. Our math curriculum rocks!

One of the things I want to do with both teens this year is more cooking lessons. So, once a week, each teen will be in the kitchen with me preparing dinner. They will learn my recipes and gain confidence with their cooking and baking skills. I hope to try a new recipe once a week, also. 

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