Marcus' Minecraft Party

On Saturday we threw a Minecraft birthday party for Marcus. We had seven boys participating altogether.

They were little goofballs!

Darcie designed the cake.

Marissa designed this Creeper face out of paper napkins.

The first activity was painting Minecraft swords, which I painstakingly designed and cut out of thick cardboard.

While the swords were drying, the boys played some target games with Nerf guns.

Marissa designed this target game.

She painted these faces!

We served all sorts of fun finger foods, Minecraft style. The pigs in a blanket were "bread and pork chops". The blue jello was "water". Their was fried cheese and pretzels for "sticks" and grapes were "slime balls". 

Potato chips were "potatoes", Goldfish crackers and swedish fish were "fish". Marshmallows were "snowballs".

Darcie and I were in the kitchen preparing the pigs in the blanket.

Once the swords were dry, the boys posed for pictures.

Their swords really turned out great!

Marissa also designed this Minecraft spider. She was our decorator.

These two cuties were a big help!

We ended by singing the birthday song to Marcus and eating the chocolate layer of the cake.

Happy early birthday, Marcus!


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