Crafting With Neighbor Girls

On Friday afternoon, into the evening, my sweet Marissa girl hosted a fun Christmas craft party with five little neighbor girls. It was so much fun! We love sharing our passion for crafting with others.

One of the crafts was decorating pine cones with glitter glue and miniature pom poms.

Each girl created their own birthstone ornament. The girls filled their clear plastic ornaments with Epsom salt and then added (with the help of a funnel) lots of fun bling, such as sequins, buttons and beads in the colors of their birthstone. They really turned out lovely.

This is Marissa's Garnet ornament. Isn't it sweet?

The girls also created these adorable snow globes. They used Christmas figure stickers, modeling clay, card stock circles and clear plastic cups. We even added a little glitter to shake around.

This picture reminds me of those seek-and-find pictures. Can you spot a spool of twine? A glue gun? A skating penguin? An orange funnel? Yellow beads?

After the crafts, the girls gathered at another table to decorate sugar cookies.

Their snowman cookies turned out so cute!
We found these ideas on Pinterest. What would we do without Pinterest?
I wouldn't let any of the girls eat their snowman until their mommies could see them.

It was a three hour event and we loved every minute. And five little girls went home with their Christmas treasures and big smiles on their faces.

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