Christmas Eve/Day Memories

We had a wonderful family-fun Christmas Eve. In fact, I think it was my favorite Christmas Eve in years. As it was Marcus' birthday, we let him choose our family activities. First, we enjoyed brunch at Angies, one of Marcus' favorite restaurants in town. Then, we went ice-skating at a local indoor ice rink. That was my favorite part of the day. After ice-skating, we saw the new Star Wars movie (from the front row!) and then we picked up Marcus' cake from the local bakery on the way home.

At home David prepared our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Prime rib. Yum! While we waited for it to cook, we watched, White Christmas, my favorite Christmas movie. After dinner, Marcus open his presents (an air soft gun with target), although his main birthday gift this year was going to the Myth Buster's tour with Zach earlier this month. As tradition, we read the Christmas story from the scriptures and sang Christmas carols/hymns. We also unwrapped new pajamas each, and we ended our night by singing Happy Birthday to Marcus and cutting his Minecraft cake.

This was our first Christmas Eve/Day in our home here in Utah. After opening our gifts to each other, we enjoyed David's delicious waffles and spent the rest of the day playing with new toys and watching Christmas movies in our theater room.

Today at church, it was nice to sing Christmas hymns once again. One message that stood out to me was about keeping God's commandments. God's commandments are given to us because He loves us, wants to keep us safe here on earth, and wants us to return home to Him. When we keep His commandments, we show that we trust Him and love Him, just as our Savior showed His love to His Father by keeping God's commandments. Personally, I love having rules and boundaries from my loving Father in Heaven. I want to be good and I like being good! I know that when I'm on His side, I'm on the winning side. 

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