Treasure Island Mine Craft Style!

Marcus and I recently finished reading, Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, together, and then we watched the movie. We watched the version with Charlton Heston as Long John Silver, and a very young Christian Bale as Jim Hawkins. When we get home for Thanksgiving we will also watch Disney's Treasure Planet, which I ordered from Amazon and had shipped to our Utah home. Marcus has never seen this movie before and I think he will like the futuristic spin.

Now Marcus is writing a five-paragraph essay about the story. I can't wait to read it.

To bring in some art, Marcus designed his own pirate flag and treasure map. He decided to give it a Mine Craft take! Here are the results-

You have to look closely, but his Mine Craft treasure map includes a compass, and he burned the edges. Oh, and the map is square because Mine Craft is square.

This is his creeper pirate flag. If you know what a Mine Craft creeper looks like, you know they are green with black eyes and mouth, but pirate flags are usually black so Marcus made a reverse creeper face his flag. I thought that was pretty clever!

Homeschooling rocks!

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