Thanksgiving Memories

Our Thanksgiving Day was so much fun! Every member of David's family, minus only two, gathered in our home for a delicious turkey dinner. There was football watching in our theater room (high definition!) and the Hallmark channel on upstairs for the mommies needing to rock and nurse their babies. There was happy conversation and a lot of laughter. Everyone was in a good mood, enjoying one another's company. It was absolutely wonderful.

I think we had thirty-six family members altogether, including four adorable babies. I got to hold two of them. :) And, we had a family photo taken, in our backyard. My sister-in-law is going to photo shop in the missing couple (my niece and her husband who live in Oregon). This will be the first complete family photo in years. I know it means a lot to my mother-in-law. I can't wait to have our own copy. 

I did have a moment of sadness thinking about how there will not be a family gathering like this with my side of the family this year. Oh, they're having their usual Christmas party, but I can't bring myself to go when my input and my feelings mean absolutely nothing. I can't bring myself to go where I will have to watch everything I say and do for fear of further offending one particular family member who mocks my faith and beliefs and easily finds fault with me. I can't go where I'm not welcome by everyone. I deserve better, and so does my family. I know without me, there will be less contention, maybe none. I seem to cause it just by being myself. So I figure I'll do my family a favor and stay away. I will spend this Christmas season with my own family and my friends. They love me unconditionally. They let me be myself. There's no fault finding, no criticism. There's only love and that's what this season is all about. Love.

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