Blissful Monday

Our Happy Heart's scripture verse for this week.

Our Family Home Evening will be centered around Marissa's Personal Progress.
Personal Progress is a goal oriented program for young women ages 12-17 in our Church.
There are seven values associated with Personal Progress-

Soon Marissa will have earned her Young Womanhood medallion, just like her sister, Darcie, before her, and their mom, before them. :)

Here's what I'm thinking for our menu this week:

Monday- Chinese sundaes
Tuesday- Grilled tuna and soup
Wednesday- Tacos
Thursday- Stir fry
Friday- Subs 

I wish all of my friends and family a wonderful week. Smile at everyone you see. Be kind to others. If someone's beliefs differ from yours, show them tolerance and love. Share your opinion in a respectful way. If someone shares their heart with you, accept it. Don't stomp on it. Remember, we are all God's children, all spirit brothers and sisters. And if you don't understand something, go to the source and study it out for yourself, and then pray about it. 

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