Blissful Monday

Our family scripture for the week.

We are busy at our house preparing for Thanksgiving Day. Lots of housework,
shopping, decorating and special touches. Then, of course, cooking on Wednesday and Thursday morning! It's a lot of prep work, but it will be worth it. Nearly all of David's family will be here. It's exciting! We will have a house full, that's for sure. I am really looking forward to it. David's mom arrives tomorrow so we are preparing one of the girl's rooms for her. My two girls will room together.
Darcie's roommate is already using our guest bedroom downstairs. She's a really nice girl. She and her sister plan to join us as well on Thanksgiving. That will be nice because they can take a family picture for us. Oh, I'm so excited, but now, back to the housework.

It's nice that our ward (church congregation) took this whole week off from all meetings and activities, so that families could spend the week together. And, it's nice that Marcus and Marissa have all week off from their Liahona (online) classes. Naturally, we are taking the week off from Happy Heart's as well. No math for a week! Maybe we'll find time to watch, Treasure Planet, though. That was part of our Treasure Island unit.

Our menu for the week, leading up to Thursday-
Monday- Spaghetti
Tuesday- Mac 'n Cheese bake
Wednesday- Taco soup

Happy Thanksgiving!

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