Sunday Thoughts

David and I both spoke in Sacrament meeting today. It was our newcomer talks. I spoke on patience and David spoke on Christ-like love.

I learned so much about patience in my preparations for my talk. I followed Robert C. Oaks counsel from his talk entitled: The Power of Patience and I looked up every single scripture verse under the topic of patience in the Topical Guide. I marked each verse in my scriptures and wrote a summary of each verse in my scripture journal. Over 48 verses about patience taught me the following:

Christ-like patience means we are slow to anger and quick to forgive.
It means we submit to God's will.
It means we take the time to think about significant decisions before making them.
It means we labor diligently to serve the Lord in our callings, in our families, as full-time or member missionaries, and in every aspect of our lives.
It means we continually strive for perfection.
It means we endure our afflictions, in all their forms, in an optimistic, hopeful manner.
It means we wait on the Lord to answer our prayers.

I learned that our trials are meant to teach us patience.

I learned that patience leads to comfort, hope, peace and ultimately, eternal joy.

Words that are most often linked with patience, in the scriptures, are:

There are many examples of patience in the scriptures. I love how patient Nephi was with his brothers, Laman and Lemuel. He put up with a lot of harassment and abuse from them. Yet, Nephi patiently taught them and forgave them time and again. Nephi was also patient in his afflictions, never complaining, only faithfully obedient to God's commands. I am trying to be more like Nephi as I wait for some of my loved ones to return to our faith and to turn back to our Heavenly Father. They are lost sheep and it's not easy to watch them make deliberate bad choices in their lives. I am learning that all I can do for them is continue to live my life in harmony with the Gospel, pray and fast for them, and love them unconditionally. This kind of waiting requires a combination of patience, faith and trust. I take the little I can offer on behalf of my loved ones and I hand the rest over to the Lord, having faith and trusting in Him, remembering these are His children, only He knows their hearts and only He sees the whole picture. 

No one was more perfect in patience than our Savior, Jesus Christ. As a young boy he demonstrated patience with his parents, Mary and Joseph, when he reminded them he was about his "Father's business." He was patient with the scribes and Pharisees who were always trying to prove him wrong. He was patient with his apostles, who often had doubts. He was patient with the throngs of people who gathered to hear him preach. He was patient with sinners, telling them to repent and sin no more. He was patient as he healed the blind, the sick and afflicted. He was a patient teacher, using parables and his example. He was patient in all of his afflictions, even as he suffered immensely in the Garden of Gethsemane and then was crucified in a most painful and brutal manner.

That was the summary of my talk. 
My favorite scripture verses from my studying were Mosiah 3:19
and  Moroni 7:45.

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