Our Curriculum Choices for 2015-2016

We are in our seventh week of this Happy Heart's homeschool year and I thought I'd share the curriculum we are currently using.

This is Marissa's senior year! I can't believe it. My baby is growing up. I'm so glad we homeschool so that I can enjoy every day with her. Marissa's basic subjects (English, math, science and history) are taught through Liahona Academy. We love Liahona! Their distance program is simply amazing and second-to-none.

In her English class, Marissa will study these books/novels:

1. The Book of Mormon.
2. Jane Eyre (A Norton critical edition), Charlotte Bronte, edited by Richard J. Dunn
3. Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
4. Oxford World's Classics Twelfth Night, or What You Will, William Shakespeare, edited by Roger Warren and Stanley Wells
5. Stone Mage Wars, Journey to the Fringe, Kellie Swofford Nielson

For grammar, Marissa will use the Line Upon Line series, which is Liahona curriculum.

Marissa is taking Geometry this year for math. She is using Saxon Geometry (1st, school edition)

She is taking Chemistry for science and using this book:

Exploring Creation With Chemistry (3rd edition)

For history, both Marissa and Marcus are being taught by Brother DeGraff (who is seriously the best history teacher in the world). They are studying World History and World Government and using Liahona textbooks (Threads of Religious Liberty, DeGraff & DeGraff; Our Old World Beginnings, An LDS Supplement to European History, DeGraff & DeGraff). 

By the way, Brother DeGraff, we are keeping your textbooks forever! They are priceless to me!

As for Marcus (7th grade), besides history, he is also taking science through Liahona. He is learning Life Science this year and using this free online textbook, which I downloaded into a file:

CK-12 Life Science Middle School

I teach Marcus English, math, art and music. For English we started the year finishing up the novel, Around the World in 80 Days, Jules Verne, which we had started reading together in August. Now we are over half-way through Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson.

Other books we are planning to read together are, Bud, Not Buddy, Christopher Paul Curtis and Hoot, Carl Hiaasen, 

 And Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories, as well as Summer of the Monkeys, Wilson Rawls.

For grammar we are taking advantage of these free online resources: Purdue Owl (which Darcie insists we use!); Daily Grammar and Grammar-Monster.

For math, we are continuing to use the Learn Math Fast System. We have just finished up volume 2 (fractions, percentages, decimals) and after some multiplication practice, we'll be diving into volume 3, which is pre-Algebra. We really like these books and highly recommend them.

For music we are using Maestro Classics, which I am loving (and so are the kids). It's funny because I thought it was worth splurging on the entire 12 CD set before the year started and then after the the set arrived, I started doubting my sanity, thinking that really only one or two would've done the trick, and of course, they would have, but once we started listening to Peter and the Wolf and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I got excited to have 9 more CDs to go through (I gave the 12th one away to a Peruvian family we know, as it was in Spanish). 

After listening to The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I got the brilliant idea to introduce Marcus to Fantasia, which he had never seen. He loved it and now we have both versions.

For art, we are using this book:

(Eventually we'll use this book anyway. I left it behind in Utah and Darcie can't find it to mail it to us!) I've also discovered these free online resources: Incredible Art Department and Teach Art at Home.

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