Mod Podge Pumpkin

We love Mod Podge crafting at our house! This week Marcus created a textured pumpkin in honor of the Autumn season (which is pretty non-existent here in Arizona!).

We started with the following supplies: A cardboard pumpkin from Michaels (the witch hat is for Marissa), Mod Podge, a foam brush and torn up pieces of the orange textured paper roll you see in the picture, which also came from Michaels. (Ok, can I say how much we love Michaels for craft ideas and supplies? If you ever need craft inspiration, just go to Michaels!)

I didn't take very good "before" pictures, but we set up the table first, with a mat from the 
Dollar Tree to protect the table surface (don't worry, Mod Podge is easy to clean up, just like Elmer's glue, from table surfaces), a paper bowl for the Mod Podge, and we had already 
torn the paper into approx. 2-3" square/rectangle pieces (the shape of the pieces makes no difference).

Then Marcus set to work applying the Mod Podge and the paper. He found it best to
use the brush to glop the glue on and his fingers to press the paper, shaping it to the
pumpkin, and then the brush again to seal the paper in place. When using Mod Podge, use it as both a glue, under the paper, and a sealant, over the paper. The Mod Podge dries clear.

After the pumpkin was covered in the orange paper, Marcus added brown scrapbook paper to the stem. Then we let the pumpkin dry on a paper plate for a few hours.

It turned out great!

Tearing the paper is what gave it the white edges, which we think is very cool.
I'll post a picture of Marissa's finished witch hat when she gets it done. She's been very busy with her online classes and preparing for the ACT exam which she'll be taking in December. (Please
keep her in your prayers as the math portion is stressing her out.)

Also this week, at Happy Heart's Marcus has been finishing up his cactus unit study. I'll be sharing more about that in an upcoming post. But, in honor of Back to the Future Day, Marissa created this picture:

She loves to create art.

Have a happy weekend!

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