Blissful Monday

Blissful Monday posts will feature our Happy Heart's scripture verse for the week, our planned F.H.E. lesson and our weekly menu.

Marcus and I had to give ourselves a high-five after listening to Devin G. Durrant's talk: My Heart Pondereth Them Continually. We started the practice of "ponderizing" one scripture verse each week at the start of this homeschool year. We (Marissa, Marcus and I) take turns selecting the verse(s) for the week. On Monday, I type out the verse and post it to our whiteboard. At our breakfast devotional, we read the verse together and discuss what it means to us. The kids and I then write the verse down in our scripture journals. Throughout the week, at our breakfast devotional, we try to memorize part or all of the verse together. At the end of the week, the verse is taken down from the whiteboard and placed on a wall in the dining or living room areas. So far we have ponderized the following verses: D&C 88:118-119 (this is our scripture theme for this Happy Heart's year); Moses 1:39; 1 Nephi 20:18; Moses 7:18; Alma 17:11; and 2 Nephi 32:3. Our scripture verse for this week is:

For our F.H.E. (family home evening) lesson we are going to re-watch and discuss President Dieter F. Uchtdoft's talk from General Conference, entitled: It Works Wonderfully.


And here is this week's menu:

Monday- crockpot chicken and vegetable soup
Tuesday- spaghetti
Wednesday- oven pizza
Thursday- date night (kids fend for themselves; David and I eat out!)
Friday- chicken chow mein
Saturday- cobb salad
Sunday- tacos

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