September Blessings (Day 9)

Life is beautiful. So why is it that we often treat one another in ugly ways? 

Sometimes we think we're being helpful by pointing out someone's flaws, especially if they are someone close to us, someone we love.

Sometimes we try so hard to make someone see the world just the way we do, but we end up hurting them and missing out on their unique perspective.

What if, instead of zeroing in on what we perceive as the other person's weaknesses, we dug a little deeper to recognize all of their amazing qualities?

Imagine a world where every thought about another, every word expressed to another, was simply positive and uplifting.

Our family's blessing today is how much we truly build each other up. I'll use myself as an example, but we all do it for each other. Whenever I am sad or have been hurt, my husband and children are always right there to cheer me up and lift me up with their compassion, their unconditional love and their respect for me. They are so good to focus on my best traits instead of my many imperfections. Their confidence in me truly makes me believe in myself and that helps me to be the best version of myself that I can be. 

After all, we are in this life together and one of the reasons we are placed in families is so we can love and support each other no matter what.

Life is beautiful. So let's treat each other in beautiful ways.

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