September Blessings (Day 4)

It was a quiet, peaceful morning here and that was definitely a blessing! Not only was it a blessing today, but it's a blessing our family enjoys most mornings, and it's all thanks to homeschooling. Even with Marissa girl waking up for a 7:30am online class, Monday through Thursday, she isn't rushing to get out the door. She can watch her class from her bedroom, in her pajamas and eat a leisurely breakfast afterwards with Marcus and me. On Fridays, she can sleep in because Liahona has no classes on Fridays. Yay! Fridays are our more laid back homeschool day. This morning at 9:30 the apartment was still quiet. I loved that. I made myself a cup of hot chocolate (Yes, I drink hot chocolate in Arizona! In my air conditioned apartment.). 

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