September Blessings (Day 30)

Every day this month I have shared a family blessing. Today is the last day
and I can't think of a better blessing than the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.

The gospel has been blessing my life since I was a young girl.
I remember my first copy of the Book of Mormon.
One of my Primary teachers gave it to me.
I loved to mark my favorite scripture verses in it.
I remember how loved I felt in Primary as a child.
The simple ABC's of the gospel taught in Primary 
helped me to develop my testimony at a young age.
I knew I was a child of God and that my Heavenly Father loved me.

My childhood home was not a safe haven for me. My teenage years 
were especially rough. My family was dysfunctional at best.
My home life was dark and aimless, but the gospel gave me light and direction.
I participated in Young Women's and Seminary and I loved
the spiritual learning and growth I experienced through those two programs.
I gained a knowledge of the scriptures through my four years of
Seminary and I learned how to set high standards for myself through Young Women's.

As a young Beehive (12-years old) I made the promise to myself and
to my Heavenly Father that I would keep myself clean and pure so 
that when I found my future husband, I would be worthy to marry him
in the temple, where we could be sealed for time and all eternity.
I kept that promise.
I married my husband in the Jordan River temple, starting our life
together on an eternal path.

And we are still on that path today.
The gospel has always been a foundation of
our family life.
We have raised our children in the gospel.
We have taught them the gospel in our home.
We have made the gospel a part of our every day life.
Our children have participated in Primary, Young Women's
and Young Men's, and Seminary.
Our oldest served a mission.
Our testimonies have grown together.
And today, we have three Priesthood holders.
We can all enter the temple and perform work there.
We are sealed to each other and as long as we
all keep the covenants made at baptism and in the temple,
we will be together in the next life.

I feel so incredibly blessed!
Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we know who we are,
we know why we are here on earth, and we know how to make
it back to our heavenly home.

Primary, Young Women's, Young Men's and Seminary are programs
within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that help us learn and live the gospel.
You can find out more about my faith at and
I also invite you to watch General Conference this upcoming weekend.
You can watch it streamed live through on the home page.
At General Conference, we will hear from our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson,
as well as our apostles and other church leaders.
We will hear beautiful music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
All faiths are welcome to watch and listen.

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