September Blessings (Day 28- Making a Cell Cake!)

Our blessing today- science! We love science at our house, especially because it's one of Marcus' passions and something we incorporate in a hands-on way at our homeschool.

Marcus just made this cell cake!
This is very easy to do and a great way to teach your child the basic parts of a cell.

Here are the supplies your child will need:

One baked cake in an 8" or 9" round pan
White frosting
A butter knife or spreader
Sticky notes (the thin tab kind)
Various candies 
A diagram of a labeled cell. We used the one in our science book,
but you can do a google search for one or try this link.

What I'd recommend is studying the different parts of the cell 
with your child and then taking your child to the dollar store
so they can select different candies based on the cell parts. 
(Marcus thought the cotton candy would be easy to mold into the nucleus
and a few other parts, and he was right! A giant gumball made up the nucleolus.)

Step one- Supervise your child baking the cake.

Step two- While cake is baking in the oven (or cooling), have your child
make the label flags for each cell part.
I would recommend having your child first wrap the sticky part
of the sticky tab around the top of the toothpick before
writing the name of the cell part. (Marcus didn't do every single
part of the cell, but he did do the main parts.)

Step three- Frost the cake, but only once it's cooled.

Step four- Using the diagram for reference, have your child construct each 
part of the cell with the candy, one part at a time, carefully placing it
in the correct spot. I recommend adding the flag labels as soon as the part
is placed on the cake.

Make sure you take pictures so your child can remember their cell cake
long after it's been eaten!

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