September Blessings (Day 27)

This picture was taken in Lima, Peru, when Marcus was 11. We needed a picture that represented missionary work, so we asked the elders if they would pose with Marcus. I love this picture!

I also love this picture. It was taken while Zach was out in the mission field, in Calgary, Alberta. Zach served a full-time, 2-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Right now Marcus is preparing to follow his older brother's example and serve a mission when he turns 18.

Missionary work is the Lord's work. It is spreading His gospel throughout the world. It is bringing a message of hope, peace, love and joy into the lives of those who have been wandering in the dark, cold wilderness of life, without the knowledge of who they are, why they are here on earth and what lies beyond the grave. Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, is the Savior of the world. His gospel is for everyone. I can't keep such a gift to myself! I want to share it with others, especially my friends and extended family. The gospel blesses my life in so many ways, every day.

Today David and I received new callings (formal opportunities to serve) in our ward (LDS church congregation) here in Oro Valley. We get to serve together as ward missionaries! I am so excited. This is a new calling for both of us. David wasn't with me at church, having left for a business trip. I attended the Gospel Principles class (Sunday school) and I felt a strong spirit in there. There was a visitor, an investigator. He contributed to the spirit I felt. He asked questions and the class gave answers. He is seeking out the truth contained in the gospel. The gospel is opening up new doors for him, wonderful doors that lead to light and truth and our Savior. I have a testimony of callings, of missionary work, and of this gospel. I know this is our Savior's work here on earth and we are His hands.

The gospel and missionary work are my family's blessings for today. 

Photo credits- The pictures of Christ and the door are found in the media library at

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