September Blessings (Day 25)

Marissa created this picture for me for one of my homeschooling posts
It seems fitting to use it again today because time truly is a blessing for our family.

Time. There never seems to be enough of it, does there?
And yet, I have learned for myself that time really does heal.
It may have taken me years of time, but during those years,
I experienced a lot of personal growth.
That time of healing helped me to become a stronger, wiser person.
It taught me to turn more to my Heavenly Father in prayer,
and to share my burdens with my Savior, Jesus Christ.

As a mother, I have come to truly appreciate the gift of time.
I loved each set of nine months when I was pregnant.
I have treasured each fleeting baby and toddler year.
Oh how I loved the preschool years! I have fond memories of
four years of preschool co-ops with my daughters (two years a piece).
My two oldest are now living on their own as they attend universities.
This is my last year to enjoy my youngest daughter at home before 
she graduates high school. Homeschooling has given me a gift: 
more time with her, and more time with my youngest.
Time I would miss out on and never get back if they were still in public school.

I need this time with my family.
Time to laugh with them.
Time to cry with them.
Time to teach them.
Time to hug them.
Time to read to them.
Time to play with them.
Time to talk with them.
Time to know them.

And the more time adds to my years here on earth,
the more I realize just how precious time is.
I don't have time to waste, not on petty disagreements,
nor never-ending debates. I certainly don't have time
to spare on a grudge. And I don't have time to worry
about what others think of me.

Yes, time is truly a blessing, a gift, something to 
value and spend wisely.

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