September Blessings (Day 17)

Today we are thankful to be US. I am thankful to be ME and I am thankful you are YOU.

We should never try to anyone, but ourselves and we should always be true to ourselves.

I value my kids as individuals. Each one is amazing in his or her own way. Each one has his or her own set of talents, skills, perspectives and personality traits that make them truly UNIQUE.

Our family is made up of six amazing individuals, each member making up a valuable part of the whole unit. We are only complete, together.

I have to tie homeschooling into this! Homeschooling gives my kids the freedom to just be themselves. Think about it: In pubic school, students are expected to learn the same things, at the same time, in the same way as their peers. They are expected to act, behave and think the same way as their peers. There is very little individuality in schools today. It is all about getting every student to the exact same level at the exact same time. I guess that may sound good to some, in theory, but I think it sounds incredibly boring! Instead of expecting our children to all be the same, we should encourage each child to use their individual strengths to brighten up the world around them.

After all, the world is a much brighter place when I am ME and you are YOU.

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