September Blessings (Day 14)

We love watching the sunset here in Arizona. It has this lovely affect on the mountains behind us.

David is away on business this week. He's in Lima, Peru, and I'm a little jealous because he will be visiting our dear friends, the Gonzales family. Oh how I miss them! I especially miss my sweet friend, Claudia. I hope she knows how much I cherish her friendship.

Our family blessing today is friendship. We are blessed with many amazing friends. My friend, Carly, has been one of my closest friends since high school. As if we hadn't been through enough together, she just had to go and help David deliver our third baby on our couch! Love ya, Car! 

Amy and I became friends when we needed each other most and we are still there for each other,  mostly as each other's therapists. Love ya, Amy!

Kristine and I have vacationed together. Steph has been a friend, not only to me, but to my daughter, Darcie as well. I've never met Angie, but I hope to someday! It's the best excuse I can think of to visit Maine!

I could name so many others, but my children have great friends, too. Darcie has this lovely group of friends in Canada. Marissa has an adorable friend in Peru. Marcus has a Minecraft buddy. Zach has friends from his mission.

Our friends mean the world to us. I have always taught my kids the value of friendship.

I hope that all of our friends know how much we love them. Each and every one is a beautiful blessing in our lives.

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