Vacation Move

Hey there family and friends! We have moved yet again. I know, nothing new, right? Well, we are settling into our apartment here in Arizona and preparing for a new Happy Hearts Homeschool year, which officially kicks off next Monday. :)

We took our time driving here. We spent four days altogether. We spent the first night at David's mom's where we had a nice visit. Funny story: a "huge" spider hitched a ride with us from our house and gave Marcus and Marissa quite the fright when they discovered him! We had to pull off the freeway and stop the car at a gas station so the kids could be rescued!

We had a blast on our drive here, though. After visiting Grandma, I did a little photo shoot in front of the beautiful Manti temple.

And then David surprised us by taking us through Zion's National Park. We even spent the night at a lodge in Springdale and the following morning we took the park's shuttle bus where we got off at the last stop on the loop and let the kids play in the river there.

Our apartment is nice. Three good size bedrooms, a decent kitchen, a dining room and a living room, two nice bathrooms, fully furnished so that all we've had to buy were some plastic drawers (Marissa's bedroom had a desk but no dresser. Marcus got the dresser, no desk.), hangers and a few extras for the kitchen, such as a griddle for pancakes. David returned to work today and the kids and I unpacked and put everything away (We didn't bring much, just clothes, shoes, a small library of books, school materials, and Legos!). Tomorrow we plan to get out and do a little exploring. There is a club house with a pool here so the kids are excited to go swimming.

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