My Favorite Camp Day

Our last official Camp Musketeers day was my favorite. It was Nature Day. The kids started off by making a craft. It wasn't really a nature craft, but we had enough cans for each kid to decorate their own and I thought they turned out great.

While the cans were drying, Marissa sent the kids out on a nature scavenger hunt. They each had a list of items to collect, such as "something pretty" and "something red" and "something bumpy" and "something that makes noise".

Noticing an extra kid? Our neighbor came over for the day to join in the fun.

After the nature scavenger hunt, we packed up and drove to a little zoo here in the valley.
Baby wouldn't turn around for the picture.

She was too busy looking at this little guy!

Here the kids were all crouched down to talk to some ducks.

And here the boys were feeding ducks.

I love turtles!

Everyone helped out with the littlest one.

The reindeer were a bit hit!

Hello Mr. Ostrich!
There were even pet rocks!
Ducks were everywhere!

After the zoo, we cooled down with some ice cream.  Yum!
The following day was our last full day together.

The boys started each morning playing a board game. I loved that!

The girls enjoyed some messy play time on our front porch.

Good thing we covered up their clothes!
Marissa girl supervised.

Now it's back to normal at our house as the cousins are back home with their mommy. It was a delightful eight days, and we will cherish the memories made. I hope my nieces and nephews know how much their Aunt Camie loves them! I love their mommy, too. Love you, Sister! May each day you have with your precious little ones bring you joy. Motherhood is one of life's greatest blessings.

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