July 24th Celebration

Here in Utah, July 24th is a holiday. It's Pioneer Day, a day to remember our pioneer ancestors. David was home this weekend so it was the perfect time for a mini family vacation in downtown Salt Lake City.


 Our hotel was right by City Creek Center, which features some cool water fountains.
On Friday morning, the kids got up early to find and save us seating on the parade route.
We watched the Days of 47 parade.

This was one of our favorite floats! The octopus was fun.

And we loved the jellyfish marching behind.


Marissa looks so cute in braids!

Why was Darcie hiding her face?

She had fallen asleep!

Jonah and the Whale.
The BYU float. Zach attends BYU.

The parade was a lot of fun.
More pics to come! We saw a Bee's game that night, followed by an awesome fireworks show.

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