Camp Musketeers Fun

My sister's adorable children are spending several days at our house so we are giving them a summer camp experience! Here are some highlights from the first three days of Camp Musketeers-

We started off with Mad Scientist Day! First the boys shot off Marcus' rocket a few times.

Then they made Elephant Toothpaste.

On the way to the city park that evening, we came across a hot dog stand.

Everyone enjoyed a bacon-wrapped hotdog for dinner. (This wasn't our planned dinner for that night, but we wanted to support our neighbor's new business.) They were yummy!

This little cutie loves to slide, but wants nothing to do with the swings.

Climbing fun.

Thursday was Little Chef Day!

We started off with a cake-off! This was team "Dynamite Duo"!

This was team "Triple Threat"!

Neither team knew what the other was creating.

Dynamite Duo went with a beach and ocean theme. Notice the chocolate raft.

Triple Threat made a Strawberry Fantasy!

The judges declared it a tie!

For dinner each child made their own mini pizzas.

On Tuesday night, the two oldest boys got to go fishing with Marcus' boy scout troop. My nephew was the only lucky boy who caught a fish!

As part of Marcus' merit badge, he had to clean and cook the fish.

But he wouldn't try it!

Friday was The Great Outdoors Day! We spent a few hours at a really fun park.

This is one of my favorite photos!

Stay tuned for more Camp Musketeers adventures. It's a joy to spend this quality time with my nieces and nephews. 

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