Mommy Memories

With Mother's Day tomorrow, I can't help, but reflect back on some of my mommy memories.

As demonstrated by my cutting skills, I was young (19) when I first became a mommy. This is a five-generation picture on my mother's side. I am sitting next to my Great Grandma Nellie, holding baby Zach, her first great-great grandchild. My mother is standing behind me and her mother is standing next to her.

This note is a special keepsake.

Being a mother is my biggest dream come true.

Two and a half years later, Darcie came along. She and Zach were sooooo cute together! I think these pictures were taken when Zach was three and Darcie was one.

So here is a funny mommy story with Darcie that I'll never forget: Once, a friend of mine, who also has a daughter close to Darcie's age, talked me into participating in a parent-baby study at a nearby university. I was given the instructions to play variations of peek-a-boo with Darcie. One version was with the words, "peek-a-boo", another version was silent, etc. We were led into a room with a child-size table and chairs in the middle of the room. We were the only ones in the room and I knew we were being observed and video-taped. I started to play peek-a-boo with my baby daughter, but she had absolutely no interest in the game. She started to run around the room. So I started chasing her, trying to get her attention as I clapped my hands over my eyes and exclaimed aloud, "peek-a-boo!"........Well, in my enthusiasm, I ran my daughter right into the wall! She started crying and that was the end of the study for us.

I remember when my siblings and my parents bought Darcie this play garden for her 1st birthday. It was comical to see all her uncles and her grandpa assembling it, without the instructions. of course.

Two and half years later, Marissa girl was born. Her birth was exciting because David delivered her on our living room couch, completely unplanned. Darcie and Marissa have always had fun as sisters.

 Weren't they cute? Those days were such fun mommy days for me.

It would be another five years before my last child would grace our family. This time, we made sure he was born in the hospital.

I didn't want to ever stop having children and sometimes I miss those baby years so much it hurts, but I have my cherished memories and I'm just so thankful to be a mother here on earth. 
Besides, they will always be my babies.

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