Happy Memorial Day

We've been spending this weekend at Grandma's house and loving every minute. Here are some highlights...

The girls helped Grandma place flowers on the graves of ancestors, including Grandpa's.

David and the boys attempted to go fishing, but ended up playing in the snow, instead.

At Scandinavian Days, it was a wee bit chilly and a wee bit rainy, but we still enjoyed browsing along the booths. Marcus even "mined" for treasures.

We started this 500 piece, Dollar Store puzzle together. We worked on it over 3 hours and this is as far as we got! Maybe it was a little too ambitious for this weekend!

We also saw the movie, Tomorrowland. We give it two thumbs up!
I loved this whole weekend, but my favorite part was decorating the graves, which we haven't done for years. The girls enjoyed it, too.
Happy Memorial Day.


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