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Liahona's Elementary Distance Education

This is the wonderful distance program that Marcus has participated in for the past two years. I can't recommend it enough. Liahona also offers amazing distance classes, filmed LIVE, taught by dedicated, professional LDS teachers, for 7th-12th grades. To see if Liahona Academy is right for your child/family, visit their website HERE. Also, feel free to ask me any questions about Liahona in my comment section below.

Happy Memorial Day

We've been spending this weekend at Grandma's house and loving every minute. Here are some highlights...

The girls helped Grandma place flowers on the graves of ancestors, including Grandpa's.
David and the boys attempted to go fishing, but ended up playing in the snow, instead.

At Scandinavian Days, it was a wee bit chilly and a wee bit rainy, but we still enjoyed browsing along the booths. Marcus even "mined" for treasures.

We started this 500 piece, Dollar Store puzzle together. We worked on it over 3 hours and this is as far as we got! Maybe it was a little too ambitious for this weekend!

We also saw the movie, Tomorrowland. We give it two thumbs up! I loved this whole weekend, but my favorite part was decorating the graves, which we haven't done for years. The girls enjoyed it, too. Happy Memorial Day.

Mommy Memories

With Mother's Day tomorrow, I can't help, but reflect back on some of my mommy memories.

As demonstrated by my cutting skills, I was young (19) when I first became a mommy. This is a five-generation picture on my mother's side. I am sitting next to my Great Grandma Nellie, holding baby Zach, her first great-great grandchild. My mother is standing behind me and her mother is standing next to her.

This note is a special keepsake. 
Being a mother is my biggest dream come true.
Two and a half years later, Darcie came along. She and Zach were sooooo cute together! I think these pictures were taken when Zach was three and Darcie was one.

So here is a funny mommy story with Darcie that I'll never forget: Once, a friend of mine, who also has a daughter close to Darcie's age, talked me into participating in a parent-baby study at a nearby university. I was given the instructions to play variations of peek-a-boo with Darcie. One version was with the words, "peek-a-boo…