Goodbye Peru

Our last day in Peru was Wednesday of last week. While David cleaned out his Lima office, Marissa, Marcus and I walked to Parque Kennedy (Kennedy Park) in Miraflores.

Marcus cheered our last day in Lima.

The first thing we noticed was all the cats living at the park. They were everywhere. We learned that people drop off unwanted kittens and cats every day. We were happy to also learn that there is an organization that cares for these cats and tries to place the new ones into homes before they become feral.

So many cats!
There were other fun aspects of this park, such as this giant red bull...

Bulls symbolize good luck.
And this oversized vase...
This vase was definitely weathered.
And of course, this dedicatory bust of John F. Kennedy...

Peruvians loved J.F.K.
We thought this bike path and special traffic light for bicyclists was cool...
This was the first marked bike path I had seen in Lima.
It was a lovely day to be outside.

After exploring the park, we ate at a favorite little restaurant called, La Luncha. It was across the street...

It's just under the Flying Dog Hostel there on the corner.
And then we walked back to the hotel where we went swimming before heading to the airport.
Goodbye Peru! It was great knowing you!

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