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Manly video


In Honor of Darcie

Darcie is a huge Doctor Who fan, so in her honor, here's our next video:

Happy Family Video

Watch this! (Don't forget to pause my player first.)

Dig a Little Deeper Song

While I'm on my vacation, I'm posting some fun videos. This Disney song is one of our favorites, and recently Marcus tied it in with his essay based on the poem, Without Commercials, by Alice Walker.

MY Joy in Raising Teenagers

Anyone who really knows me, can tell you just how much I love being a mom. And I bet they would tell you that my favorite stage of mommy-hood was when all four of my children were cute and little. I'm talking about their earliest years. I was one of those moms who completely cherished and absolutely adored each of my pregnancies, each baby year, each toddler year, and each preschool year. Of course I also enjoyed the subsequent years, but my passion, and my specialty, were those first years.

I really shone as a momma in those primary years! I was a hands-on mommy; the mommy who rocked her babies to sleep while singing them lullabies. I formed playgroups and directed preschool co-ops. I loved spending time with my young children; playing with them, curling up together on the couch with a storybook, molding play dough or painting pumpkins together, taking them to parks... I guess you could say those were my glory years as a mom. I mean, is there anything more precious than holding yo…

Goodbye Peru

Our last day in Peru was Wednesday of last week. While David cleaned out his Lima office, Marissa, Marcus and I walked to Parque Kennedy (Kennedy Park) in Miraflores.

Marcus cheered our last day in Lima.
The first thing we noticed was all the cats living at the park. They were everywhere. We learned that people drop off unwanted kittens and cats every day. We were happy to also learn that there is an organization that cares for these cats and tries to place the new ones into homes before they become feral.

So many cats! There were other fun aspects of this park, such as this giant red bull...  Bulls symbolize good luck. And this oversized vase... This vase was definitely weathered. And of course, this dedicatory bust of John F. Kennedy...  Peruvians loved J.F.K. We thought this bike path and special traffic light for bicyclists was cool... This was the first marked bike path I had seen in Lima. It was a lovely day to be outside.
After exploring the park, we ate at a favorite little…

Sunday Thoughts

Today I've been pondering the blessings of Relief Society in my life. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Relief Society, it is the women's organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All women who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints belong to Relief Society. The purposes of Relief Society are to "increase faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and provide relief by seeking out and helping those in need".

Relief Society has blessed my life in many ways, but I am going to focus on three, in no particular order~

1. Relief Society not only supports me as a wife and mother, but celebrates these vital roles of marriage and family. In a world where women are devalued and diminished as wives and mothers, it's comforting to know there is a worldwide sisterhood (Relief Society) dedicated to encouraging and mentoring women in the home.

2. Relief Society builds me up as a daughter of God and h…