When in Peru- How to drive!

When in Peru, drive over the white line (not between the white lines). Lanes mean nothing. In fact, feel free to create your own lane just for fun.

When in Peru, wave your left hand wildly out your window to tell another driver “I’m coming over whether you like it or not!” Using your turn signal is purely optional, and most times, meaningless.

However, when in Peru, use your turn signal to let others know you are rounding a bend. This is especially fun on winding roads.

When in Peru, use your force-field! (Those are your emergency flashers.) This is how you use them: Turn them on whenever you want to feel invisible or powerful. I'm not kidding.

When in Peru, turn right from the left lane and left from the right lane. Anything goes.

When in Peru, slow down for speed bumps on all of the main roads (except for the highway). Speed bumps are the only speed control.

When in Peru, watch out for buses. They stop anywhere to let people on and off. Taxis are even worse.

When in Peru, take taxis at your own risk. They do crazy things like drive the wrong way down a one-way street.

When in Peru, be entertained at intersections when you stop for a red light. Have some loose change on hand to give to your entertainers afterwards (if you are close enough to the action).

Or, when you stop, feel free to buy something! They sell all sorts of interesting things in the middle of the streets-

sponges, stress balls, maps, children’s books, sun visors, socks, bottled water/soda, snacks and ice cream.

When in Peru, if a police officer pulls you over with a made up story that you just ran a light on a turn signal (that didn’t exist), pull out your wallet and give them some money. That is all they are after.

When in Peru, if you are pedestrian, watch out! Pedestrians have no right-of-way. And, don’t be nice and stop for a pedestrian to cross in front of you because the car behind you will whip around you and hit them.

When in Peru, opt to be a passenger and close your eyes! You’ll breathe easier that way.

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