The Sacred Valley

On the day we toured the Sacred Valley, we first stopped off at an animal rescue shelter called, Awanacancha.

Here we saw Andean camelids- the alpaca and the llama, as well as a few other animals, like parrots and ducks and the mighty condor.

We also saw this woman weaving on the ground.

Before driving down and into the Sacred Valley, we stopped at the scenic overlook.

The Sacred Valley is also known as The Urubamba Valley because the Urubamba River formed the valley.

We continued our way to the Sacred Valley, stopping in Pisac, where there is a huge marketplace.

We spent an hour browsing the colorful, artsy market, and of course we ended up buying a few souvenirs.

Darcie had brought along a bag of lollipops which she handed out to Peruvian children.

My favorite find was another big Andean doll for my collection. I can only find these beautiful handmade dolls in Cusco.

After the market, we continued to Ollantaytambo, one of the oldest villages in South America.

Here we toured a popular Inca ruin site Peruvians call the Ollantaytambo Fortress. It is believed to have been more of a ceremonial temple than a fortress, however.

This wall is called, the Wall of the Six Monoliths.

Standing at the base of all those stairs we just climbed!

If you look closely, you can see faces in this mountain!

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