Touring Around Cusco- Part 3

In a little town called, Chincheros,
we enjoyed a fun knitting demonstration.
Natural dyes are created from native berries, seeds and plants.
As we relaxed, we were entertained with a Quechuan song.
Afterwards we went outside and dressed up in native Andean clothing.
We bid farewell and made our way to our next stop...
the salt mines of Maras.
These mines have been worked since way back when the Incas were around.
This warm, salty stream flows directly into the salt ponds.
As the sun evaporates the water, salt crystals are left on top. (That's the nutshell version!)
Would you believe there are at least 3,000 salt ponds?
Our tour continued in Moray, the site of an ancient Inca agricultural center.
Each terrace is a slightly different temperature. Do you think it gets warmer or cooler as you near the bottom?
Marissa and Marcus were the only ones with enough energy to walk down to find out.
Aren't they cute? So, that was another day of touring around Cusco.

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